Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things Not To Tell Your Chiropractor!

If your a new patient, please don't tell us your going out of the country Tomorrow and would like a quick "Crack" before you Go....

I don't need an exam, I know exactly whats wrong with me....

My boyfriend usually cracks my that okay?

My Lake Monticello Friends: I don't understand why I am not progressing, It's my second visit, I have had this for 32 Years! ( I forgot to tell you the 15 yards of mulch I spread yesterday!)

My Husband can't get of bed.... (Bringing him in the car to my office in excruciating pain is not gonna help) shhhhhhh.

I don't understand after 3o years of working and sitting at a desk, I retire and my back is killing me (You Think Golfing everyday has something to do with it?)

The last chiropractor I went to fixed me in one visit, when was that? 25 years ago!