Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Latest Gadget!

How many of us have gotten the latest and greatest gadget, cell phone, I-phone etc. My wife was given Razor when they were popular. Great phone but the battery life was horrible...

Same thing with my laptop, great computer but if the battery is dead guess what happens when I forget the plug? I have a great piece of equipment & technology that is absolutely useless without the power source behind it!

How frustrating it is to know I have e-mails to check, documents to print and lets not forget checking my Facebook Friends and Twitter updates!

The same is true for your body. I have been a Chiropractor for over 18 years and yes we are back pain Doctors by default. We actually are nervous system specialists, we treat the body through the spine, which is the power source of all existence!

Every breath you take and every move you make (love that song) happens because of your nervous system. Fortunately, most of it automatic (Autonomic Nervous System.) like breathing, heart beat, digestion etc. I know God knew better not to put us in charge of all that!

It is so important that the nervous system is encased with bone, your skeleton, skull and spine. Problems arise early on with multiple stresses, chemical, physical and emotional stress takes its toll as does the aging process itself.

So whats my point: If you only visit a chiropractor for Pain relief that's great, however your missing the point. Chiropractic is a prevention & wellness approach if used correctly how often you get treated is up to you and your chiropractor but think of it as a part of your healthy lifestyle, in my opinion the most important part.

You can swallow all the vitamins you want, eat all the healthy food you desire, exercise everyday and get your muscles massaged until you say ahhhhhhhh, if your Nervous system is not functioning at peak performance (and it is not) then you are really just existing and not thriving...

We have computerized non-invasive equipment to asses your nervous system. We also asses your posture and show you its relationship to deteriorating health and yes back and neck pain!

Have a great day and remember it's not how you look on the outside but how you function on the inside. There is no magic pill, injection or surgical procedure that can improve your function like natural Chiropractic care can!

Dr. Lauterbach.