Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Reform Random thoughts.

Ok today is the big day, failure of both bills and know they want to compromise.

Here are some of my random thoughts:

We already have national Health-Care, its medicare (failing) Social Security disability, & welfare or medicaid. Many of these have better services than my insurance has.

Mr President: It is the small business owner that is suffering, we can't provide for employees because we have insurance agents selling one company (usually Anthem Blue Cross) & not working for us. Millions could be saved with high deductible plans with both employer, employee & maybe even small Tax to pay for the deductible portion cutting standard premiums in half. The problem is individuals do not get the same treatment as large groups do, premium increases & health issues are an ongoing problem and are penalized to the point of not being able to pay for the increased cost of insurance. Also Cobra is ridiculous, you don't get the Employer discount and often the rate is not affordable to keep.

We need a uniform State By State system with uniform pricing & ratings for the entire population. Remove any barriers to competition & reward people for staying healthy!

If life insurance companies can give a set rate for 20 years, why can't insurance premiums be set?

Eliminate Medicare fraud period. Millions of dollars are spent on treatments that offer no value and cost patients & taxpayers millions, I am specifically talking about cancer treatment in this country but that's another story...

Our society will not be healthier because we all have insurance, we are fatter, sicker, & more stressed/depressed and yet we have access to the "best" medical care in the world. Yes, Our elderly are living longer but at what cost? Are we comfortably numb? Living out our days with multiple prescription drugs to get us through the day?

Our FDA & pharmaceutical monopoly/partnership has destroyed any sense of legitimacy to a fare and balanced health care system. I would end the FDA (make it the Food Administration) start a new agency that does not allow any person that works for the Drug agency to ever work for, invest in or have any type of association with any pharmaceutical company.

So start fixing what we have.... Work on the middle class for once & help small business owners do what we have always done.... Save this country!