Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post To Myself:

This is an email to me from a Chiropractic Friend: I post it as a motivation to myself to practice what I preach....

E-mail message this week .. Think About This For 2010

This past Sunday, I attended the funeral of a friend. She died after six months of cervical cancer that did not respond to traditional and alternative treatments. She was a happy soul, full of smiles for her family including three grandkids. As I stood with others at the gravesite, my emotions began to rise with each eulogy and picturing the gatherings we attended together. Life is too short and too bitter at times.

She was the last I would have thought to be stricken and taken away prematurely. I imagine many of you reading this have similar tales and sorrows and for that I am sorry. I write this two days before the New Year as a reminder that there is much work left for us to do both personally and professionally and is the perfect time to resolve them seriously and get our acts together.

Doctors, we need you, I need you. Look in the mirror and what do you see? Are you overweight, possibly physically fragile and challenged because you neglect yourself? Has your previous meals been tasty but void of nourishment, full of enhancements and noxious chemistry? Is your time spent stressed to perfection or depletion? You get my drift, this year the typical resolutions of losing weight, reading more books, taking extended vacations, exercising more should take a greater prominence because we are all marked toward extinction. The how and when to some degree you may control. You are worthless as a healer, a teacher and role model if you are unable to sustain a working day. You are reducing your self worth if you deny yourself the pleasures of health and look back at what coulda and shoulda been. Doctor, so many people beyond your family depend on you and no one more that we, your colleagues, your patients and staff.

Besides your personal challenges, you have professional obligations. How many people in your community can you literally save and how many have you yet to meet. This is not a stretch as timely reminders of health and wellness can turn a sickness and disease process into health and wellness. Once you have an opportunity to meet them at work, their social gatherings or sports venues you have an opportunity to share. If they take the proactive step to visit your office and be evaluated you have a greater opportunity to review and discuss and if they become a patient and refer their family and friends your impact can be quite profound. Add rehab exercises, adjusted daily living advice and working with them ergonomically you did save a life or add more quality to their existence.

These are no mere words. I recommend you attend a community funeral and see and hear those left behind. From physio to sociological the body will perform both at ease and in better harmony with less neurological and physical stress. This we should not debate. Friends, this is our department and where I’d like to leave my final thoughts with you in 2009. Get ready for the storm of success by gearing up with the tools that will get you there. A strong and committed staff, a well worked promotional department and patients understanding the real healthcare crisis, that is a lack of health care. We are in the forefront and the battleground and it starts right in your office and down th street in your community. Spread the message and make a difference.

Make 2010 Profound and Prosperous. We depend on you, they do too.

Have a Great Day

Dr. M


Happy New You!

Hope you had a great Christmas & are ready for a new year! This time of year We get lot's of questions regarding Acupuncture for smoking, weight loss & other addictions.

It is a great procedure to help ease cravings and helps to decrease the stress & tension associated with coming off any habit forming substance. It will not miraculously cure you. Without effort on your part it will actually be useless.

We screen our clients carefully, any person with drug or alcohol addictions must be receiving standard medical counseling & receive a referral from that provider, this is not a law but a requirement of our office.

We utilize Auriculotherapy, Ear acupuncture points stimulated electronically (no needles) We also advise on proper nutrition to balance & relax the nervous system most notably amino acids.

I have attached information regarding Auriculotherapy.

Please understand: We do not treat addictions! We offer a complimentary program to standard medical care & balance and Relax the nervous system.

We would be happy to answer any questions You may Have! Here is to A great New You!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stress-Reducing and Energy for the Holidays…

Stress-Reducing and Energy for the Holidays…
Or… Anytime…

The Holiday season brings with it the cool, crisp weather, fun and enjoyable festivities, as well as additional stresses from weather changes and shopping, preparing meals for guests, etc…
If you’re already feeling the Holiday Stresses, this can lead to fatigue, and greater risk to colds and flu, putting a damper on what should normally be an enjoyable, fun-filled family time.

So, with the ‘flurry” of activities happening during these holiday months, how do we calm that stressed-out feeling, while improving our energy, and reducing our risk to illness ? Here are some suggestions to help you deal with the stress, improve your energy, and hopefully increase your enjoyment of this wonderful season…
Ask your natural healthcare practitioner which of these would be best for you !

Stress-Reducing and Calming Formulas :
Try one or more of these to help with the day-to-day stress naturally.
Min-Tran : A mild natural calmative balance of soothing minerals…
Take 4 tablets/meal to help calm.

Min-Chex : A balance of calming minerals and glandular extract to provide a stronger level of calming and may help with mild depression…

Take 1 capsule ½ hour prior to meals and one at bedtime if needed.
Orchex : The strongest formula used for hyper-irritability, insomnia and mild depression.
Take 3 to up to 9 capsules/day

Valerian Complex : Herbal natural calming formula for anxiety, insomnia, and nervous tension. This formula works best if taken consistently for 1 – 2 weeks so that it builds up in the system.

Take 1 tablet 2 – 3 X/day and/or 2 – 3 tablets 1 hour before sleep
Nevaton : Herbal natural calming, for anxiety, mood-swings, and mild to moderate depression relief.
Take 2 tablets 3 X/day for 2 – 4 weeks, then lower dose as it builds up support in the system.

Energy and Stamina Formulas :
Try one or more of these formulas to help improve energy, and stamina to keep going !
Rhodiola/Ginseng Complex : Herbal adaptogenic formula to promote vitality, stamina, enhanced mental clarity, and feelings of general well-being… Works well with Drenamin.
Take 1 tablet 2 – 4 X/day (Caution : Discontinue in acute illness and fever, or if hypertensive)

Drenamin : Natural glandular support for energy by assisting the adrenals
Take 3 tablets AM and Noon as needed for energy (Caution : Don’t use if LOW blood pressure)

Eleuthro : Herbal adaptogenic formula to help maintain stamina, and aerobic performance.
1 tablet 2 – 3 X/day (Caution : Discontinue in acute illness and fever) Works well with Drenamin.

Withania Complex : Herbal formula that helps with anxiety and fatigue ! Works well with Drenamin.
Take 1 tablet 2 – 3 X/day (Caution : Don’t use if hypertensive or acute illness and fever)

Reducing your risk to Colds & Flu :
Use one or both of these terrific preventive formulas through the whole Cold & Flu Season !

Immuplex : Combination of key immune-supporting nutrients and glandular support for immune tissues.
Take 1 capsule 3X/day (Caution : Contains iron. Use sparingly in children under the age of 6 !)

Echinacea Premium : The king of prevention herbs !
Take 1 tablet/day for children 5 – 12, 2 tablets/day for adults and children 12 and up.
(Caution : Don’t use if allergic to the daisy family)

Keep these on your shelf to use IMMEDIATELY in acute cold or flu !
Congaplex Breaks up congestion and works very well alone, or synergistically with Andrographis Complex to help stimulate the immune system.
Take 3 capsules 3 – 4X/day adults
Chewable Congaplex 1 – 2 tablets 3X/day for children Take for 7 – 14 days.

Andrographis Complex This is one of the most powerful herbal formulas for acute infections and colds/flu’s. This should be kept on the shelf and taken immediately at the onset of the infection to increase effectiveness and speed up recovery. (Caution : don’t take if allergic to daisy family or if pregnant)
Take 1 tablet 2 –3X/day for children 2 tablets 2 – 3X/day for adults Take for 7 – 14 days

MediHerb Herbal Throat Spray This is a great product to help soothe scratchy or sore throats. It is pleasant tasting, and is also useful for strained vocal cords. Also helps restore mucous membranes in the throat, promotes oral health and supports the immune system.
4-sprays into the mouth/throat every 1 –2 hours

For other symptoms or conditions, consult with your healthcare practitioner. Or, if you have a sustained high fever over 24 hours, consult your physician.

Courtesy of Standard Process.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Toy Lift 2009!

Our 6th annual Toy lift 2009 is history and I am pleasantly shocked by the outcome. In a year of doom and Gloom the residents of Fluvanna pulled together to provide at need children a wonderful holiday season! Locally we collected in one day over 500 New toys & bikes and $2305 in cash! This has far surpassed previous totals. many were $5.00 , $10.00 donations and several large ones. All of these donations are pooled together with Charlottesville and local school districts go shopping for children at need. According to Toy Lift over 3000 children will have a brighter Holiday because of the generosity of many of you! Preliminary results for Charlottesville is over 11,000 toys & 4000 books collected.

I could never pull this off by myself and the cast of characters & contributions is large. Special thanks to Comcast Cable, Central Va Electric Co-op, Marisella's Restaurant & Armstrong Landscaping for transferring Toys to Charlottesville, Miss Fluvanna, Kraft appliances & Columbia School for their Collection efforts & Tom Powell for his continued support and dedication to Toy Lift Foundation.

Special Thanks to: My Family & Friends: My wife Denise always... Nicholas Lauterbach, Sister-n-law and Chief Elf Cynthia Crespo , Macky our newest addition, Paddy & Doreen O'rourke (you know why) Lisa Smith, Steve & Sue Brownell, Pop (Victor Crespo) and my always there for me friends Betty & Mike Witt.

We are truly Blessed to live in such a wonderful community such As Palmyra, times are tough but giving does something for the soul. My prayer is for all of us to remember the greatest gift we have is the ability to help others...Have a wonderful Holiday & Merry Christmas!

With Love,

The Lauterbach Family.