Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Post To Myself:

This is an email to me from a Chiropractic Friend: I post it as a motivation to myself to practice what I preach....

E-mail message this week .. Think About This For 2010

This past Sunday, I attended the funeral of a friend. She died after six months of cervical cancer that did not respond to traditional and alternative treatments. She was a happy soul, full of smiles for her family including three grandkids. As I stood with others at the gravesite, my emotions began to rise with each eulogy and picturing the gatherings we attended together. Life is too short and too bitter at times.

She was the last I would have thought to be stricken and taken away prematurely. I imagine many of you reading this have similar tales and sorrows and for that I am sorry. I write this two days before the New Year as a reminder that there is much work left for us to do both personally and professionally and is the perfect time to resolve them seriously and get our acts together.

Doctors, we need you, I need you. Look in the mirror and what do you see? Are you overweight, possibly physically fragile and challenged because you neglect yourself? Has your previous meals been tasty but void of nourishment, full of enhancements and noxious chemistry? Is your time spent stressed to perfection or depletion? You get my drift, this year the typical resolutions of losing weight, reading more books, taking extended vacations, exercising more should take a greater prominence because we are all marked toward extinction. The how and when to some degree you may control. You are worthless as a healer, a teacher and role model if you are unable to sustain a working day. You are reducing your self worth if you deny yourself the pleasures of health and look back at what coulda and shoulda been. Doctor, so many people beyond your family depend on you and no one more that we, your colleagues, your patients and staff.

Besides your personal challenges, you have professional obligations. How many people in your community can you literally save and how many have you yet to meet. This is not a stretch as timely reminders of health and wellness can turn a sickness and disease process into health and wellness. Once you have an opportunity to meet them at work, their social gatherings or sports venues you have an opportunity to share. If they take the proactive step to visit your office and be evaluated you have a greater opportunity to review and discuss and if they become a patient and refer their family and friends your impact can be quite profound. Add rehab exercises, adjusted daily living advice and working with them ergonomically you did save a life or add more quality to their existence.

These are no mere words. I recommend you attend a community funeral and see and hear those left behind. From physio to sociological the body will perform both at ease and in better harmony with less neurological and physical stress. This we should not debate. Friends, this is our department and where I’d like to leave my final thoughts with you in 2009. Get ready for the storm of success by gearing up with the tools that will get you there. A strong and committed staff, a well worked promotional department and patients understanding the real healthcare crisis, that is a lack of health care. We are in the forefront and the battleground and it starts right in your office and down th street in your community. Spread the message and make a difference.

Make 2010 Profound and Prosperous. We depend on you, they do too.

Have a Great Day

Dr. M


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